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RP 570, Master

see also protocol(s)RP 570/571
DOWNSupported Information Types
DOWNImplemented Features
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Supported Information Types

Control Direction Single Command
Double Command
Setpoint [12 bit]
Digital setpoint [16 bit]
Monitoring Direction Single indication [1 Bit]
Single indication [1 Bit] with quality
Single indication [1 Bit] with time tag
Double indication [2 bit]
Double indication [2 bit] with quality
Double indication [2 bit] with time tag
Bitpattern [16 bit]
Measured scaled value
Measured scaled value with quality
Measured normalized value
Measured normalized value with quality
Counter value with quality and time tag

Implemented Features

Operation Mode party line, half-duplex
Redundancy Switchover of the transmission line(s) by means of Channel Switch CS.
Redundant transmission lines with backup line supervision.
Information addressing RTU address (1..255) and block number (0..255) in monitoring direction.
RTU address (1..255) and object number (0..2047) in control direction.
Protocol specific information types IDM, IDS, AVM, AVS, DVM, PCM, PCT, CBXC, IXC, SPM, GOM
Special features Time synchronization via the protocol.

This protocol stack can be used with following products

ipConvipConvUniversal protocol converter for highest degree of flexibility
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