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Yunnan-Guangdong, China

customerSiemens AG, Germany
end customerChina Southern Power Grid

Yunnan-Guangdong, China

IPCOMM delivered a complete solution - that means hardware pre-installed with protocol converter software ipConv - to link the 8 TDC controls with the IEC 60870-5-104 superordinate control stations (SCADA). The communication between the ipConv gateways and the TDC control system is redundant and runs over Ethernet by means of Simatic TDC protocol. Our industrial PC IPC191C2 19" 1U is installed as hardware platform, that enables the transmission of about 40,000 data points (information).

This IPCOMM solution is part of the HVDC system Yunnan - Guangdong in China.

Yunnan - Guangdong

The long-distance transmission system of the Yunnan–Guangdong DC transmission project transmits 5,000 MW from the Chuxiong substation in Yunnan to the load center of the Pearl River delta in Guangdong. The contract was awarded in June 2007. Commercial operation of the first 800 kV pole will start in June 2009, the complete bipole will be in operation in June 2010. The system, with a transmission voltage of ±800 kV DC, sets a new dimension in the development of HVDC systems.

Used Products

ipConvipConvUniversal protocol converter for highest degree of flexibility

Used Protocol Stacks

IEC 60870-5-104, SlaveSimatic TDC, Master


IPC191C2 19IPC191C2 19" 1U(no longer available - see follow-up model IPC191I5 19" 1U)
The robust and flexible industrial PC in ultra flat design. A most effective high-end solution.
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